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We provide Design-Build (D-B) and construction services for a range of international project types. Tetra Tech excels in rapid mobilization to support our clients around the globe. We work in some of the most remote and challenging locations worldwide. We have the ability to deploy advance planning teams and accelerate the placement of subcontractors, as needed, as a result of our strong logistics capability and deep resource pool. To expedite mobilization, we leverage our program management plan templates, tools, and procedures, site safety and health plans, contractor quality control plans, and sampling/analysis plans. This enables us to promptly and effectively manage issues that arise from specialized work requirements, limited communications, transportation challenges, language barriers, or emergency situations. Tetra Tech’s global organization, systems, and protocols allow us to work efficiently and safely, even in the most remote, hostile, and austere locales.


Another distinct advantage of working with Tetra Tech is our technical expertise and our application of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. We mentor and provide advanced training for the local workforce, ensuring the transfer of technology and expertise required for project continuation and long-term operation. We have also arranged for long-term service agreements with local vendors to provide maintenance for projects and systems.


Tetra Tech maintains a diverse staff, hiring locally and partnering with local firms to leverage their knowledge and relationships. Using our global expertise and resources, we offer sustainable solutions and remain committed to boosting local economies, developing the workforce, and improving the quality of life in communities throughout the world. Tetra Tech welcomes the opportunity to serve you.


  • Facility design, renovation, and construction
  • Roads
  • Insertion of personnel and equipment using rotary wing aircraft support
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Construction management and oversight