Calentadores Solares, Mexico LED ProjectAny country aiming to increase its economic growth and prosperity must have adequate and reliable supplies of energy and electricity. These conditions, in turn, help ensure long-term investment, employment and security. Today, many developing nations face energy shortages caused by chronic under-investment in domestic supply infrastructure and the rising price of imported fuels. The World Bank Group estimates that developing countries need an annual investment of $165 billion for electricity supply alone, and that the costs to maintain supply will increase at about 3% per year through 2030. Other energy investments in fuel, renewable energy, and transmission and distribution are additional.


Tetra Tech’s clients, which include policy planners, investors, financial institutions and bilateral and multilateral development agencies, are addressing four inter-related challenges: 1) improving the commercial and managerial performance of power supply infrastructure; 2) expanding access to reliable energy supplies particularly in rural areas; 3) promoting public and private investment in clean energy and low-carbon approaches to economic development; and 4) supporting governments and the private sector in developing countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


Our challenge in going forward is to improve the energy sector’s performance (both enterprises and regulation) and integrate renewable and other low-carbon generation options into the energy mix. We thus focus on:


  • Improving corporate governance and the commercialization of state-owned energy companies
  • Establishing competition in energy markets through market-opening and gradual liberalization
  • Strengthening utility management and operations to underpin efficiency, quality of service and financial sustainability
  • Increasing private sector participation in the energy sector
  • Strengthening and expanding electricity networks to maximize the benefits of electricity trading
  • Supporting generation, transmission, and distribution projects through a full range of financial instruments
  • Introducing clean energy programs and renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions


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