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Architectural - Engineering Services

Tetra Tech provides multi-disciplinary design and construction management services for U.S. government-sponsored projects at locations around the world. This work supports our government’s ongoing efforts to promote global stability through a combination of military and development efforts worldwide. Tetra Tech delivers cost-effective solutions to complex engineering challenges wherever our clients want us to go—including remote, austere, and hostile locations worldwide. We offer multi-disciplinary technical expertise, demonstrated experience, and an established operating model to support the delivery of fast-track projects in conflict and post-conflict locations throughout the developing world.


Using an efficient reach-back engineering model, we deploy a small contingent of in-country staff who are supported by our home office management and design specialists. This reach-back operating model provides access to senior engineers and architects as well as specialty disciplines, and has been proven cost-effective for delivery of both development and military projects. Our services span every sector of infrastructure development—water resources, wastewater management, transportation, energy, and vertical structures—and include the following:

  • Buildings—schools, clinics, government facilities, warehouses
  • Energy—conventional transmission and distribution, renewable energy sources
  • Transport—roads, bridges, airports, ports and harbors
  • Water and Sanitation—supply distribution and treatment
  • Water Resources—flood control, drainage, irrigation


For more information on Tetra Tech's Architectural-Engineering services, please download our brochure below.