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Agriculture & Economic Growth

At Tetra Tech, we recognize that in the developing economies where we work, market systems are often imperfect, highly dynamic, and unpredictable—and that there are myriad social and political influences that impinge upon economic outcomes. This is particularly acute in rural communities. While our approach to agricultural development is market-driven, we realize that for value chain actors to benefit from increased market opportunities and improved competitiveness, non-economic incentives are as important as economic incentives, particularly to change the behavior of women and men. Our approach is multi-dimensional, seeking to create systemic change through flexible, responsive, and collaborative mechanisms, institutionalizing learning as we advance. Using participatory and facilitative methodologies, we engage all value chain stakeholders and support these engagements with scientific analysis and innovations, continually monitoring progress to capture opportunities to learn and to rapidly scale-up successes.


Facilitating value chain competitivenessCocoa Plant

From input suppliers to wholesalers and retailers, we strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of these service providers—allowing them to take on new and expanded functions to increase competitiveness. By catalyzing change through local business leaders and major market players, we are able to ‘crowd in’ other businesses to achieve scale and sustainability in the value chain.


Promoting food security

We consider the complex relationships that define value chain systems and strengthen the functions and actors in order to better serve the needs of poor households—especially those headed by women—and the most vulnerable to food insecurity. Our efforts focus on increasing farm productivity and reducing post-harvest losses to efficiently improve the availability of food within communities and providing stable incomes for all households to access food.


Expanding markets and trade

We stimulate market linkages between lead firms and smallholder famers, helping local service providers and value chain stakeholders to build capacity to sustainably provide appropriate solutions to new and evolving constraints. By facilitating the development of fundamental building blocks, such as market information systems, grades and standards, enabling environment, and post-harvest and processing, we ensure the sustainability of these linkages.


Fostering climate smart agriculture

The challenge of increasing agricultural productivity in a changing climate allows us to harness our multi-disciplinary capacities to innovate and push agriculture from being a part of the problem to where it is part of the solution. Agricultural best practices, conservation agriculture, and sustainable intensification are parts of a holistic approach that we present as pragmatic solutions.


Addressing the multiple dimensions of hunger and poverty

The root causes of poverty go beyond economic disempowerment, and at Tetra Tech, we provide multi-disciplinary expertise that enhances economic development for all women and men, reduces poverty, and eliminates hunger. To achieve broad-based and inclusive economic growth, we integrate solutions that enhance economic and political governance, gender and social inclusion, and land tenure and property rights.


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