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Environment and Natural Resources

Farmer in IndonesiaWorking with clients around the world, Tetra Tech brings stakeholders together to develop and implement policies and tools for the management of natural resources and ecological services. Our emphasis is on developing socially equitable, economic incentives to help communities and enterprises flourish while ensuring sustainable natural resource use and the conservation of biodiversity. We work with host countries, civil society, and the private sector to develop local organizational capacity, market linkages, improved products, and effective governance.

Integrated Ecosystem & Landscape Management
Complex, interconnected environmental challenges require solutions at the ecosystem, watershed, and landscape levels. These holistic approaches developed by Tetra Tech take into account the biophysical, social, and cultural aspects driving resource management. Through evidence-based assessments, Tetra Tech ensures that clients have access to timely, accurate, comprehensive information to inform decisions and policies. We further facilitate decision-making by applying our Advanced Participation Methods to engage stakeholders to develop and implement realistic land use and natural resource management plans that deliver benefits to rural and urban communities. Plans take many forms, from sustainable forest management, to watershed management, to biodiversity conservation, to coastal and marine management plans.

Tetra Tech recognizes that sustainable natural resource management is among the most pressing challenges facing resource managers. Forests, watersheds, and marine ecosystems serve multiple purposes, and natural resource  management is often complicated by poor governance systems, insecure property rights, weak policies, corruption, and, too often, armed conflict. Tetra Tech overcomes these challenges in a variety of natural resource management systems around the world by supporting community forest and fisheries management; supporting climate change initiatives and REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation); improving natural resource  governance and policies; and integrating sustainable value chains to provide for improved livelihoods of resource dependent communities.

Tanzania Tree CropsClimate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Tetra Tech is a leader in providing REDD+ services, and our work spans the realm of technical, governance, and cultural challenges facing REDD+ implementation, including: social and environmental safeguards; sustainable carbon financing and payment for environmental services; multi-sectoral and low emission strategy development; and monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon stocks. Tetra Tech provides rigor in its social and environmental analysis, undertaking gender assessments and poverty surveys to ensure that rights and benefits are equitably distributed, and using best practices in remote sensing and community-based monitoring to quantify carbon emissions. Tetra Tech implements USAID’s Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) program to build the capacity of its global offices, missions overseas, and partner governments to effectively engage in local, national, and international REDD+ processes.


Tetra Tech assists countries and communities to respond to the impacts of climate change through climate change adaptation planning.  Our services range from conducting climate vulnerability assessments, developing models for different climatic scenarios, and running options analyses, and facilitating decision-making processes based on science driven scenarios. We lead this vulnerability assessment process at multiple levels, from local level to national levels and across different sectors. We then assist communities and multiple levels of government to more effectively respond to short-term and long-term impacts based on sound, comprehensive social, environmental and economic data Africa and Latin America Resiliency to Climate Change (ARCC).

Institutional Development & Governance
Recognizing that long-term solutions to environmental and natural resource challenges require robust institutional responses at the local level, Tetra Tech works in close collaboration with government and non-governmental counterparts to strengthen capacity. Tetra Tech’s Functional Organization Capacity Assessment (FOCA), for example, is an organizational assessment tool that we use to identify and prioritize needed assistance. Based on the prioritized needs, Tetra Tech then works with local institutions to define targets and strategies to improve, monitor, and evaluate capacity.  To improve governance, Tetra Tech promotes community level engagement, with community based organizations engaged in clarifying rights and responsibilities. We have found that local level solutions are the most enduring, so we pair local level spatial planning with local level enforcement. Tetra Tech uses this local level engagement to inform policy decisions and institutional capacity development at the national level.

Environment and Natural Resources Services

  • Biodiversity conservation and finance
  • Environmental assessments and environmental compliance
  • Natural resource and environmental policy, legislation, and strategic planning
  • Landscape assessments and planning
  • Forest planning and management
  • Integrated water resource planning and management
  • Coastal zone management
  • Watershed management
  • Community-based natural resources management
  • Protected areas management
  • Natural resource enterprise development
  • Urban and peri-urban environmental management
  • Natural resource sector assessments
  • Land tenure and natural resources access and use rights
  • Civil society capacity building
  • Environmental education and training
  • Eco-governance


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