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Water and Sanitation

When executed properly, changes to infrastructure can help economies grow, protect natural resources, mitigate suffering, and improve human health and quality of life. What's more, improved infrastructure is often a major component of most development initiatives. Traditionally defined as the design and construction of facilities, infrastructure is usually considered the domain of engineers. Tetra Tech complements the work of engineers by integrating physical systems into the environmental, social, institutional, and economic fabric of countries and communities. Tetra Tech focuses on the human and institutional systems that use and maintain infrastructure and which are crucial for sustaining the long-term benefits of infrastructure investment.

Engaging Stakeholders
Tetra Tech brings this broad perspective to all projects, including water supply and sanitation, pollution prevention, roads, and energy projects. Tetra Tech works across the board on projects ranging from emergency response and reconstruction following a disaster to typical development activities, focusing on the needs of urban, peri-urban and rural communities. Everything is viewed within the context of available resources, environmental impacts and stakeholder interests. We involve stakeholders in every stage of a project, from conceptualization to design, construction, and management of the resulting facility or system.

Finding Sustainable Solutions
Our demand-driven, participatory approach ensures institutional and stakeholder commitment to sustain project outcomes. Tetra Tech ensures not only appropriate use of technologies but focuses on the other key ingredients for sustainable infrastructure development: financial and management requirements, maintenance and repair, environmental stewardship, and demand-driven improvements on service levels and health.

Infrastructure Services

  • Institutional and organizational development
  • Municipal service support
  • Environmental health
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Water supply and sanitation in urban and rural areas
  • Water quality monitoring and pollution prevention
  • Rural roads
  • Renewable energy systems, energy planning and economic analysis
  • Urban waste management
  • Environmental impact assessment


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