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IQCs - Indefinite Quantity Contracts

IQCs - Indefinite Quantity Contracts

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) uses the IQC to provide rapid response services by its contractors to its field missions and bureaus for short-, medium-, and long-term activities.

These services include support for program development, problem analysis, and implementation, including:

  • Strategic planning and design
  • Developing strategic objectives and results frameworks
  • Implementation and program management
  • Performance monitoring, evaluation and assessment
  • Data management, market information, and publishing
  • Support for stakeholder participation, information sharing and coordination
  • Commodity procurement and grants management

For each IQC, Tetra Tech has formed strategic partnerships with consulting firms, universities, and nongovernmental organizations to provide the necessary coverage to meet all of the contract statement of work requirements. Each of our current IQCs lists these partners and their special skills and capabilities. Terta Tech is either a prime contractor or subcontractor on these various IQCs. The menu on the left indicates contracts where Tetra Tech is either a prime or subcontractor.Responses to client requests may vary based on whether or not past performance, personnel experience and availability, and/or cost or price information are factors in the selection of contractors by USAID. Ordering services under an IQC is a simple stepwise process involving USAID technical and contracting staff and Tetra Tech project managers:

  • A mission prepares a scope of work for a task order within the framework and scope of each IQC
  • The criteria for selecting the contractor is determined
  • The contractor prepares a response, either submitting resumes of key personnel, or a technical and/or cost proposal, depending on instructions from the client
  • The task order is evaluated, negotiated and awarded, and the task order commences

Tetra Tech organizes and manages responses to task order requests and supports task order teams in the field under a wide range of service areas. Browse our IQC web pages for more information on our current IQCs.