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Projects (active)

Since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan has been working with the international community to rebuild governance structures and improve infrastructure throughout the country. Due to a doubling of population since 2002, the city's aged infrastructure system is no longer sufficient. The Kabul City Initiative (KCI) worked with Kabul City officials to help create effective, responsive, and transparent municipal governance.

Afghanistan’s land administration systems suffer from weak capacity and organizational systems, leading to insecure land rights and poor institutional legitimacy. Land disputes are common, especially between the State and occupants of informal settlements. Women and minorities are often excluded from participation in land administration processes. The purpose of the LARA project is to develop a robust, enduring, and Afghan-owned and managed land market framework that encourages investment and productivity growth, resolves/mitigates land-based conflict, and builds confidence in government’s legitimacy, thereby enhancing stability in Afghan society.

Artisanal and small-scale mining produces one out of every four diamonds in the world. As the industry rapidly expands, there is increasing global attention on the societal and environmental impacts of mining, the difficult working conditions miners face, and the linkage between diamond mining and armed conflict.

 The Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) project works to improve access to safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation services for the un-served and under-served urban populations in sub-Sahara Africa.


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